Thursday, 30 October 2014



On Monday we decided to enjoy the unexpected sunshine and take a little trip to nearby Chillingham Castle. Lately it's felt rather strange going to the places we would usually take Barney so, whilst he's ill and basket-ridden, we've decided to go to places that we wouldn't usually go to with him. Chillingham is a truly whimsical place full to the brim with eccentric collections and a large, wonderful garden which we had a good gallivant around. It is known for (supposedly) being one of the most haunted places in England though I am sceptical as it seems the ghosts were all on holiday when we visited. My favourite part would have to be their sinister collection of torture instruments which are all particularly gruesome but also very intriguing. 

It's the first time I've been able to properly test out my camera and have a good experiment with the different settings, I'd filled a whole memory card by the time we left. I can't help it! When I shoot with film, so much time goes into each photo and I think carefully about every one. But, when I'm using digital, there's no worries about costs or how it'll turn out; I can see straight away and can choose to delete it or shoot the picture a few different ways to compare. It's so hard to resist the temptation to take pictures of absolutely EVERYTHING! I'm also so dreadful at getting rid of photos - I'm always thinking "aw but I might need it for art" or "oh but that was such a good day." I need to be more ruthless or else my hard drive will be filled in no time. 

This outfit has become my favourite autumnal get-up. It's cosy enough that I don't need a coat when the weather's like it is at the moment but it's a change from the jeans and jumper that I normally reach for at this time of year. Do you have any new favourite pieces for this time of year?

Nora x

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Sunday, 26 October 2014


Well lets give this whole malarky another go...After almost a month, here's the second weekly nutshell! What can I say? Life just seems to keep happening to me.

It was the last week of the half term so now no school for a week - woop. It really felt like the October holiday could not come soon enough for me, I am totally shattered. I've been really enjoying my AS Levels but gee they don't half knock you out. We've started working on coursework in Physics and English and, though they're both really interesting, I'm pretty stressed out about getting everything done in time. For Physics, we have to create a presentation about an interesting material and how it's used - I'm not too worried about all the research etc, it's the 'presenting' to the class that terrifies me! Crikey I am SO BAD at talking in front of other people. 

But, in better news, I feel as though I've finally settled into AS Art and am starting to get to grips with our theme of "structures." The distinct smell of old book pages, dried PVA glue, acrylic paint and watercolours - they're such vivid memories from the GCSE projects and it all reminds me that making art, exploring art, is something I love to do. Hopefully the impromptu art crisis is mostly over, at least for now. Eeep I'm giddy with ideas for the new project, I hardly know where to start.

This past week, I've spent a fair few enjoyable hours reading the new issue of Oh Comely magazine (issue #22) which arrived on my doorstep not so long ago and continually proves to be the best birthday present ever (Thanks Mum!). Other good occurances from this week include: starting a new scrapbook/diary in an old poetry anthology, receiving Grandpa's October letter and a mega room clear out. I have also been looking for any excuse to try out my new camera, a Canon 700D, so keep your eyes peeled because hopefully the photographs on this blog should vastly improve. 

In very much rather less good news, Barney is still at the vets after fracturing a vertebrae. It's very hard to see him in so much pain and all we can do is give him lots of cuddles and a few extra treats. I know he's being looked after with the utmost care but it's still upsetting to see him so unlike his usual self. I must confess to having possibly adopted the "bury-your-head-in-the-sand" technique when it comes to dealing with all of it. I just have to keep reminding myself that he will get better eventually.

Now I'm off to make a hot chocolate and get ready to watch a bit of Downton, ta tahh

Nora x


Thursday, 9 October 2014


As well as being the wonderful new song from Ben Howard, "I Forget Where We Were" seems to be a particularly apt phrase for describing my life lately. The lazy days of Summer are a distant memory and September has vanished already. I'm only just surviving the whirlwind of AS levels and it feels as though there's simply no time or energy for anything else. When you have your head buried in books and work the world whizzes past at such a pace it's hard to keep a hold on everything that's going on around you. My current strategy appears to be to continue plodding on, hope it all turns out okay in the end and cross my fingers that doesn't all send me totally insane. 

These photographs are a welcome reminder of the far less stressful days of July and August when the weather was finer and life was slower. They're some of the shots from the roll of film I swapped with the lovely Lauryn from Lauryn's Notebook . As you can see they didn't all come out as full double exposures but instead several have been given delightful light leaks and flares across them. It's an effect so commonly edited onto photos and so it's wonderful to see how it naturally occurs and the quality it gives to the photographs. By far the best double exposures on the roll are the ones with silhouettes involved, I suppose it's all a big learning curve and now I know for next time that it's what works best. In my opinion learning through a bit of trial and error with film photography is the best fun.

The fist picture is one of my favourite photos I've taken in a while, not simply because of how it's turned out but in part because of the moment when I took it. It was a right palaver because Barney kept running in and out of the shot but it was a very good day at the beach. I think that's why I like photography so much, it's all about capturing something to look back on, something to remind you of that moment. The third shot was taken on holiday in Scotland and looks down on Gruinard bay, "our beach" for the week as our holiday house was within walking distance. It reminds me of a lovely day but doesn't show anything about the extreme rainstorms and floods we experienced just days before!

There are some more photos I took on 35mm film this Summer which I've scanned in so will probably be on here in the possibly near future and I was thinking of posting some of my SX-70 Polaroid shots too. I have no idea whatsoever when exactly the next rambling foray into the blogosphere will occur so bye for now peoples.

Nora x

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Monday, 4 August 2014


This is not a diary. 

Or that's what I'm telling myself anyway. In truth, it probably is a diary but if I call it a diary then it's all doomed and I'll never write anything in it because for some reason that would make it more serious. So instead I shall call it my summer journal. 

I've been writing entries, scrap-booking and collaging pages in this particular book since the end of April and decided to make it a "summer journal" seeing as I seem to be particularly busy this year. Perhaps I'm soppy and nostalgic or maybe just rather forgetful but I love looking back through my old journals. There's something so tangible about reading your own narrations of things which you once perceived to be of the utmost importance. It's highly likely that you'll forget about various things that you never thought you could forget about and, if you don't leave some trace of that memory, then it could be lost. I'd very much encourage anyone to take up journalling. Don't set yourself any restrictions or targets, use it when you want to and use it however you want to. Mine is part diary, part scrap-book, part art experimentation and part to-do list book. Put everything and anything in!

Now that it is August, it's pretty strange to look back at the diary entries and stress fuelled collages that I made in May when my GCSE exams were beginning. I can't believe how stressed out about the mocks I was though, HA they were nothing in comparison to the real deal! Although, I think there's going to be few more apprehensive scrawlings in my journal as results day approaches *gulp*. 

Also, in other news, HAHAHA what a flump my attempt at a weekly summary post series has been. Where is #2 of The Weekly Nutshell I hear you say? Well, the thing is I kinda forgot and then I hadn't posted anything after the first one and so errr I'm not keen on having them right next to each other and erm yeah... Basically I'm a disaster at organising things. Deary me I need to get my blogging more organised sooner rather than later! Goodness it puts me to shame. Well perhaps there'll be one next week? Paha lets just wait and see. 

Bye for now lovely peoples,

Nora x

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Sunday, 27 July 2014


This week began with a Summery shopping trip with my little sister and not very many pennies.
On Thursday we had an amazing day at Walkworth beach; sunbathing, surfing and swimming in the sea.
Mmm I've decided that mango frozen yoghurt is my new favourite thing.
New issue of Oh Comely arrived and gee it's so darn beautiful.
Adventures in the woods with Mum while Barney chases squirrels and manages to find muddy puddles, even in a heatwave.
 I've decided to begin a new series of blog posts called "The Weekly Nutshell." It's going to be a little weekly post which I'll (hopefully) pop up every Sunday with all the adventures and occurrings from the past week that I want to share with you but don't really warrant a full post of their own. I know lots of bloggers have similar summary style posts but I rather like it and think it's a good way to round up that week. Especially as I seem to be so busy this Summer! I'm also hoping it'll mean I get my ass in gear and start working to a deadline and be able make this a regular thing which I stick to every week. That said, I am the queen of forgetfulness and lateness. 

So this is my week in a nutshell. It began with a lovely trip into town with my sister on the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans. The train station looks so beautiful at the moment with all the hanging baskets in full bloom. My midi skirt from The WhitePepper was also perfect for the (crazy) hot weather because it's so light and floaty.
Then on Thursday we took a trip to the beach to go surfing. Oh goodness me, I'd forgotten how much fun it is, we laughed so much and had a great time even though the waves were pretty tame. Barney's favourite place is the beach and he wasn't at all impressed when we wanted to sit and have lunch instead of throwing sticks for him! On our return from the beach we took a much needed stop at the Morwick Farm Ice Cream Parlour for a sweet treat. I have decided that mango frozen yogurt and vanilla ice cream are definitely my new favourite flavour combination. Mmm I could do with another one just now!
This last week has also been a particularly good week for post. The new issue of Oh Comely magazine arrived and it's taking all my self control not to read it cover to cover - I'm saving it for our holiday to Scotland in a couple of weeks! It's looking utterly butterly beautiful as per usual. Other good mail includes: the monthly letter from Grandpa which included many amusing anecdotes, the tickets for Catfish & The Bottlemen for November and the Kasabian gig tickets for December (eep I'm so excited!).
This lovely weather has meant I've been going on so many sunny dog walks and sister adventures to paddle in the river. It's times like these that I feel so darn lucky to live in such a great place where I can wander up into the woods just five minutes from the house. Oh gee, now I'll stop with the soppyness but basically life seems pretty good at the moment.

Ahh I do love summer. Tah tahh for now,

Nora x

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Sunday, 20 July 2014


Top // The WhitePepper
Shorts // Topshop
Bag // Random eBay seller (??)
Shoes // Dr Martens

These photographs were taken last week when my sister and I went adventuring in the woods with Mr B. to take some photographs. It was so hot and sunny, we could have been in the south of France! Ahh I am now thoroughly missing that kind of warmth as the weather seems to have taken a turn for the worse. Boo go away rain. Aha it's really very typical that on the first weekend of the Summer holidays it rains for the first time in quite a while! 

These shorts are so ridiculously comfy, the denim they're made from is so soft and the fit is great. I've been wearing them nearly no-stop this summer. I love it when you find something like that, a piece of clothing that you love wearing all the time but can still style it in different ways and it never feels old. This pale pink flower top from The WhitePepper is another summer favourite. It's very light and I really like having the slightly longer sleeves to protect my shoulders from the sun and stop me roasting! The battered green bag is one I bought on eBay yeeeaaars ago to use as a school bag and now have as my camera bag. It's rather scruffy but it serves me well. Although, saying that I am on the lookout for a new (proper) camera bag so if you now of any particularly good places then let me know in the comments.

As for my shoes, well you can never go wrong with docs! I prefer wearing my Dr Marten shoes rather than boots in the summer because they don't make your feet nearly as hot. For traipsing around the woods they're also very practical because even during a heatwave you're sure to still find mud in Northumberland. So basically they're comfy, practical and look damn good - yay for multipurpose shoes! 

Well I am very much enjoying the summer so far. Although it is a little tricky not to slip into the habit of lounging around the house all morning, especially when my Bloglovin' feed is full of so many lovely posts that I want to read! I'm trying to stay motivated to get out and about and actually complete as many things on my summer to-do list as possible. What do you enjoy most about summer and how do you stop yourself from being too lazy?

Nora x

P.s The film swap sign up is now closed, people who are taking part should check their emails to see who their partner in film swapping crime is. If you haven't got an email yet, let me know.

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