Saturday, 30 May 2015



Typically, the British weather is being utterly erratic but, dare I say it, the past few evenings have felt  as though Summer has been putting in a tentative appearance. One of my favourite things about this time of year is the magical time just before the sun sets where everything looks golden and perfect, it's a dream for photograph taking. Fingers crossed there'll be plenty more sunny evenings this year for such adventures in the woods.

I bought this skirt not long after my birthday as a sort of present to myself and I've barley worn anything else since - I'm definitely getting my moneys worth! It's just the right length and fit for me, I've tried on denim skirts before which have been far to tight or just a bit too long. It also goes with practically everything! The only issue with it is that I'm a tad terrified of the risk of all the buttons popping open at a particularly terrible moment! I had a narrow escape whilst walking into town, when I went to adjust it after it had swivelled around a little, I accidentally pulled open the top two buttons - help! Luckily I was able to huddle into my coat and avert the disaster. Anyhow, I reckon this skirt will end up being worn non-stop this Summer. Do you have any pieces which you seem to wear constantly?

Hopefully, now that I'm back from the terrible land of exams, I'll be able to blog more often but I make no promises - I'm useless at keeping to plans! Bye for now,

Nora x

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Saturday, 18 April 2015


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When I first opened my pinterest account I barely used it, I just didn't quite get it and could't really figure out what to use it for. But, over the past few months, I have become a self confessed pinterest addict! I guess I now use it in place of Tumblr, which for some reason I've drifted away from. 

Some of my favourite Pinners at the moment are Katie Frank - who's "other photography" board I am completely obsessed with - and Becky Bedbug because she is such an organised pinner with a board for pretty much everything, including the very usuful "blog tips" board.

Do you use Pinterest at all and, if so, what for? If you'd like to follow me just search for Nora Lilly! Speak soon,

Nora x


Wednesday, 15 April 2015



Hello peoples, I recently made one of these chocolate brownie kits as a gift for one of my friends and thought I'd share how you make them because they make brilliant gifts for almost everyone and really don't take too long to put together!

500ml/half litre jar or container
baking powder
plain flour
cocoa powder
light brown sugar
caster sugar
chocolate chips
walnuts (only if you like them!)

So, first up you need to make sure your jar is all clean and dry. Then measure out 50g of plain flour and add 1/4 of a teaspoon of baking powder to it. Carefully spoon into the jar then use the end of a rolling pin to gently press the flour down ready for the next layer. Next, measure out 20g of cocoa powder and press down with the rolling pin as before. Continue doing the same for the next layers of 40g plain flour, 70g light brown sugar & 75g caster sugarNow your jar should be almost full, add chocolate chips and then walnuts if you like them to fill the remaining space. To finish off you just need to make it look pretty! You could add a bit of fabric or paper and tie with a ribbon - it's easier to keep it all on if you also use an elastic band to secure it. 

The only thing left to do now is to write a note or label with the instrctions on how to make the brownies. 

melt 75g of butter and combine with the contents of the jar
add 2 beaten eggs and mix well
pour into a small greased & lined tin 
bake for around 20-35 minutes 
gas mark 4/180°C/160°C for a fan oven

Well that's that then! Writing this all out has made me want to eat some brownies so badly, perhaps I'll give the recipe a little "test!" Bye for now,

Nora x


Sunday, 12 April 2015


{Life Lately}
I can't think of anything which makes it feel more like Spring has sprung than when the lambs begin to appear in the fields. I love the way they bounce around like they've got springs in their feet - too cute! The weather these past few days has been lovely too, I'm just a little miffed I haven't been able to get outside more to enjoy it due to being trapped inside trying to rescue my art project and vaguely do some revision (it's not going well!).

{Currently Reading}
In an attempt to avoid revision/work I've been rediscovering my collection of old snoopy comic strips - they never fail to cheer me up - as well as continuing my way through Brian Cox's beautiful Human Universe book. If you have any blog reccomendations do let me know because I feel like I need to update my bloglovin' feed and find some new reads. Ta muchly.

{Listening To}
Well next weekend I'm going to a Wombats gig ~yayy~ so I've been listening to them at every possible opportunity. Current favourites are "Kill The Director" and, from their new album, "Give Me A Try." Now I've got that pre-gig excitement/nerves where I keep wondering which songs they'll play, how squashed I'll get and wheither I'll get lost or not! 

Nora x

Saturday, 11 April 2015


Today marks my blog's second birthday, I can hardly believe it's only been two years since I wrote my first post because I can't imagine not having a blog. Even though I don't post very regularly it's still such an important part of my life and something which I love to do. A huge thank you to anyone who has ever taken the time to have a little read of my rambles or left a lovely comment - they never fail to make me smile! I'd like to think that though the quantity of blog posts I put up every month has decreased since I began, their quality has improved. I know for certain my photography and writing has vastly improved because looking back at old posts is painfully cringy, hopefully they'll keep getting better!

Now the other thing which I need to waffle on about is my lomography Diana Baby 110 camera giveaway which finished at midnight last night. The winner is *drumroll* Natasha from Of The Saints so congratulations I shall be emailing right away and then posting it shortly. Also a big thank you to everyone else who entered!

Well fingers crossed I last another couple of years here on the blogosphere, goodness me I wonder where I'll be by then! Bye for now,

Nora x


Thursday, 26 March 2015


With exams looming and general life stresses mounting, I've been feeling a little down and so, in an attempt to rectify this, I've decided to start my very own "Be More Happy" jar. As dreadfully cheesy as it sounds, sometimes all you need is a little Pinterest-style motivation to make you smile and remind you that these worries won't last forever. So, whenever I'm feeling pessimistic, sorry for myself or a tad on the grumpy side I'll pick a note from the jar. Perhaps it's a daft idea but it seems to be working for me so far, it's the little things that keep me going when life gets troublesome and it's lovely to see how much a simple note can cheer someone else up. 

What do you do when you need to get motivated or something to make you smile?

Nora x

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